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Port Channel Load-Balancing Algorithm (North Bound)

I'm trying to figure out what the load balancing algorithm for the 6100 and 6200 FIs for the Northbound connections. I can't find any documentation on how to change it.

The Nexus 7000s use an 8-bit hash, making it very easy to do something other than 2, 4, or 8 link port channel and get even (at least algorithmically) distribution.

Catalyst switches (not sure about Sup2T though) would use a 1, 2, or 3-bit index, which would skew traffic algorthmically if you used a non-power of 2.

Looking at the 5K documentation, it seems to use the Catalyst style (though haven't been able to confirm). My guess is that whatever is used for the 5Ks is used for the 6100/6200.

Design wise, this would mean you would want to use powers of 2 for your NB uplinks.

Cisco Employee

Port Channel Load-Balancing Algorithm (North Bound)

Hello Tony,

On UCS FI, it uses " sr-cdest-ip " as the load balancing algorithm and uses 8 parameters for hashing


6248-01-B(nxos)# sh port-channel load-balance

Port Channel Load-Balancing Configuration:

System: source-dest-ip

Port Channel Load-Balancing Addresses Used Per-Protocol:

Non-IP: source-dest-mac

IP: source-dest-ip source-dest-mac

6248-01-B(nxos)# show platform fwm info pc port-channel 1

dump pc info: if_index 369098752 dump_all 0 verbose 1

Po1: state 0x0  #pifs 1  fwimpd ctx 0x9666c1c

Po1: hash params - l2_da 1 l2_sa 1 l3_da 1 l3_sa 1

Po1: hash params - l4_da 1 l4_sa 1 xor_sa_da 1 hash_elect 1


I could not find an option to change these values.


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