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Problem associating UCS profile to an integrated C260 M2 server

I seeing an error while trying to associate a new profile with a C260 M2 into my UCS envirionment.  I see that the error suggests insufficient resources or server position requirement but I'm not sure what that reffers to.


Profile status detail:

server unavailable

server does not fulfill

chassis/server id requirements of

the service profile

There are not enough resources overall



Assignment of service profile LGLBP012-ESXi to server  failed




Service profile LGLBP012-ESXi configuration failed due to compute-unavailable,insufficient-resources,server-position-requirement




C260 M2 - BIOS 2.2(1b)C:

VIC 1225 (PCIe slot 7) Firmware 2.2(1b)




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Hello, Yuo can usuakky see



Yuo can usually see this when either there is a hardware failure that prevents UCSM from using the server or when you made reference to a pool that has been depleted already, like a MAC pool or WWPN pool.


If you go to the server's "General" you should see something that can give you a clue.  A server healthy 100% should look like the below image, but one having a problem will tell you more about the association failure:


Share the screenshot and I will continue helping.


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A problem that we see quite

A problem that we see quite often, that the Service profiles has more vnic/vhba's per I/O adaptor than the max allowed, supported for the number of links between FEX and FI.


and attachment


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If I'm understanding this

If I'm understanding this chart correctly, I have 1 connection between each VIC port and the FI? The connection I have is as follows: C260 M2 > VIC1225 port 0 > 6296UP A C260 M2 > VIC1225 port 1 > 6296UP B That should give me 13 vNIC/vHBA each? If so I have 4 vHBA and 8 vNIC defined which fits into the maximums.
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Change your boot policy, your

Change your boot policy, your C260-M2 doesn't support secure boot !

UEFI Secure Boot

Cisco UCS Manager supports UEFI secure boot on Cisco UCS B-Series M3 Blade Servers.
When UEFI secure boot is enabled, all executables, such as boot loaders and adapter drivers,are authenticated by the BIOS before they can be loaded. To be authenticated, the images must be signed by either the Cisco Certificate Authority (CA) or a Microsoft CA.

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Please check as well the CIMC

Please check as well the CIMC and BIOS version required for C260-M2, direct attachment to FI

Cisco UCS C260 M2 Server CIMC 1.4(6)      BIOS 1.4.7

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Thanks Kenny. I looked at

Thanks Kenny. I looked at both the equipment general status and the profile status (screen captures attached). The equipment general status didn't really give me much more info. This C260 M2 is definitely not configured correctly in one way or another. From the profile's perspective, it's suggesting that "advanced boot or secure boot" cannot be applied. Is this option found under my SAN > policies? All compute (blade and rack) managed in this UCS are boot from SAN via FCoE to an EMC VNX 7600. The profile I'm trying to associate with this C260 M2 stems from a profile template built for B200 M3 blades. This template is configured with 8 vNICs and 4 vHBAs. I checked my UUID, MAC, and WWNN, and WWPN pools and they all have plenty remaining in the pool that are not assigned.
Cisco Employee

Hi dcahillemcFrom the


From the screenshot you provided, I believe you are hitting the following defect: CSCun10760

Legacy Boot should disable (grey-out) invalid options for 2nd order boot CSCun10760

The workaround is to set the boot mode to legacy (see attached screenshot).

Try this and let me know if this works.

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