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recommission fails

48 C220-M3 managed through UCSM 2.1.3a

3 servers with discovery failed; ack,.... doesn't solve the issue

Decommission, Recommission; I get the confirmation that recommission is started, but nothing happens ?

any advice ?

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recommission fails

Typically when discovery fails to start without a specific error it has something to do with the Management connection.  First thing to look at is the Management Connection Policy in the Policies Tab under equipment.

If it is not set to Auto Acknowledge then you will need to go to the server (assuming it shows up in the equipment tree) and Select Inventory->CIMC->then select management connection (note it will be grayed out unless the policy is set to user acknowledge).

Then Select Sidband for Single Wire Managment (Single Connect) or Shared LOM for Dual Wire.

If that is not the case then verify that the cables are actually connected to the 2232.  You could try differnt ports, but if you do make sure you decom/recom to clear the DME entries in UCSM. 

If the server is not even showing up in the equipment tree you should decom, connect a crash cart to the server (keybord and monitor) F8 into CIMC and restore factory defaults.  Once the CIMC reboots and you see a link light on the VIC you can then recom the server.

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recommission fails

Hi Wdey,

Can you provide a screenshot of where the FSM is failing during the discovery process?

Have these servers worked before?

What kind of adapter are you using(VIC1225 or P81E)?

Is this single-wire or dual-wire?

The most important question, did you set the cimc default settings? 

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