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New Member

Recover 6200 Fabric Interconnect after firmware activation


My Fabric Interconnect 6200 had 2.1.0 version running. I tried to upgrade that to 2.2.1d via UCSM. After attempting to activate the firmware I need to reboot the whole setup. Now, Fabric Interconnect is not responding to ping or console connection. 


Note: during activating the firmware on Fabric Interconnect, I got the failed status. I proceed with reboot and power cycle whole setup, but now I am not able to connect to setup at all. I even remove the power cables and plugged them back, but didn't work.


FYI, there is no light on port (Front) side of the Fabric Interconnect.


Please let me know what the procedure is to recover the Fabric Interconnect.




VIP Green

Did you do a "manual" upgrade

Did you do a "manual" upgrade, or "autoinstall infrastructure" ?

In the case of manual, did you first upgrade the UCS manager ? or just fabric interconnect ?


New Member

Hi wdey,I used manual,

Hi wdey,

I used manual, because "autoinstall tab" wasn't available!

I first upgraded IO modules and server's adapter.



VIP Green

I don't understand ?

I don't understand ? Autoinstall is available since V2.1

You cannot use Auto Install to upgrade either the infrastructure or the servers in a Cisco UCS domain if Cisco UCS Manager in that domain is at a release prior to Cisco UCS 2.1(1). However, after you upgrade Cisco UCS Manager to Release 2.1(1), you can use Auto Install to upgrade the remaining components in a Cisco UCS domain that is at the minimum required firmware level. For more information, see Cautions, Guidelines, and Limitations for Upgrading with Auto Install and the Cisco UCS upgrade guides for Release2.1

Most likely your problem is due to the fact, that UCSM is still at V2.1 while your FI is at V2.2.

UCSM is the only piece that is backwards compatible, and therefore has to be upgraded always first !

Try to downgrade FI to 2.1, and then do first the upgrade of UCSM.


New Member

I was looking for auto

I was looking for auto install option, but I didn't find it. May me I missed it.

Problem that I have now is that I cannot access to UCSM or Fabric interconnect. Niether console or UCSM.

VIP Green

Please open a TAC case asap

Please open a TAC case asap

Hello, Was your issues fixed



Was your issues fixed with a replacement as I suggested?



New Member

Hi Kenny,I am waiting to get

Hi Kenny,

I am waiting to get SMARTnet information to open a ticket. I was able to borrow another Fabricinterconnect and it is working fine. I was able to upgrade whole setup to the 2.2(1d).

I have an issue connecting to my ESX host now. Which I will post another discussion shortly.


Thank you so much everyone for help and follow up!

Hello,For what I understand,


For what I understand, you did the upgrade and now the Fabric is dead, am I right?  if that is the case you might be hitting this bug:


So please open a TAC case and make reference to that bug for replacement of the FI and an EFA (engineering failure analysis) of the hardware.  <<< This is only if the FI is dead.


Apologies if I misunderstood.

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