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Repairing Local Blade Storage RAID-1

I've been performing failover testing with our UCS and can't quite figure out how I can repair a RAID-1 configuration for the blades' local storage.  What I did was pull one of the SAS drives out of a the blade then reinserted it.  The LED is lit up as yellow and for some reason UCSM doesn't outline that server as having any problems.  The only indication I can see within UCSM is if I navigate to the inventory tab, then the storage tab and look at the "Disk 2" section.  Everything in there is listed as unknown.  Is this normal?  Can I repair or reacknowledge the drive within UCSM or do I have to reboot and try to do it after the BIOS boot up?  Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Repairing Local Blade Storage RAID-1

When pulling drives, or swapping between systems, the LSI array controller can put the drive and/or raid configuration into an inactive state. From past experience, this occurs, roughly 50% of the time. We currently do not have a policy to place drives/raid into an active state. I believe this has been filled as an enhancement i for the UCS.

In order to re-activate the drive/raid, they need to reboot and get into the LSI option rom and re-activate the drive and/or raid configuration.

Without looking at the LSI screen, I’d suspect one of the drives in the raid-1 (mirror) has been disabled from the removal process. They just need to re-enable it.

Mike & Dave

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