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Replace a Full-Width Blade

Hi, Cisco:

I am confused by the UCS doumentation of Decommissioning and Removing A Server.

I want to replace a full-wifth blade in one of the chassis, so is the following steps correct?

1. Dis-associate the Service Profile for that full-width blade, says SP-A

2. Should I decommission that blade

AND/OR (Remember the AND/OR condition)

3. Should I Remove that blade via Remove option of Server Maintenance tab 

4. Physically take out that blade from the chassis slot

5. Physically insert the NEW blade into the chassis slot

6, Should I associate the Service Profile SP-A to the new Blade first, let it boots up follows by

7. Re-acknowledge the blade via Resolve Slot Issue option or Step 7 first follows by 6



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Replace a Full-Width Blade

hi KP,

This is what you can do:

1) Dis-accociate the service profile from the current blade (keep an eye on the blade FSM for this to finish, about 10 mins)

2) Since you are replacing the blade, its good to decommission the blade (Equipment tab -> Select the blade -> Server maintenace -> Decommission (keep an eye on the FSM, might take another 5-10 mins for it to finish)

3) remove the blade physically from the slot

4) Put the new blade in

5) Wait for the blade to get discovered (you might get a "resolve slot" note and you might be required to accept the blade in the slot) for the discovery to start.

6) Once the blade is discovered, assocaite the SP back to the blade.


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Replace a Full-Width Blade

Hi, Abhinav:

Thank. Customer digged deeper with other questions related to the same question:

q1. The blade is local booted with Raid-1 (mirrored with Protect Configuration) with Disk Scrub policy (MBR & BIOS scrub). In this case, I want to keep the 2 local drives' configuration.

Is the following correct?

I have to remove the Disk Scrub policy and the Protect Configuration option tied to the Local Disk Policy first before I dis-associate the Service Profile from the blade. I understand Protect Configuration is buggy in the older releases, is it OK now?

q2. With Host Firmware Package configured with BIOS policy, what will happen if I remove the Host Firmware Package with new BIOS firmware from the Service Package after I have successfully upgraded the BIOS firmware for the blade? Basically, customer is asking:

Do they need to have the Host Firmware Package associated with the Service Profile all the times knowing that the BIOS firmware had been upgraded when the Host Firmware Package was created the first time with the right BIOS firmware and the server had been rebooted before to take effect the new BIOS?

Thank a lot!


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Replace a Full-Width Blade

Hi KP,

Q1/ If you want to keep the 2 local drives  configuration, you'd rather remove the Scrub policy before  disassociating the SP, otherwise all the bios settings will be set to  default and you may loose the data in the hard drives.

Q2/ It's better to keep the Host firmware package for the current version in use on the UCSM, in case you need to recover from a corrupt bios. Instead, you can delete old firmware packages that may have been uploaded to UCSM.

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