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Same management network for ESXi and UCSM?

We would like to be able to use the same management network for the UCSM management interfaces and as the management network for VMs running on our blades. For example, we'd like to have the management pool for UCSM from and the VM ESXi management network also be on

From what I can tell, the mangement network on UCSM is physically separate in chassis from the traffic needed to reach the blade mezzanine cards, correct? So being able to route to the UCSM management network doesn't mean we'll be able to route to the mezzanine interfaces if they use that same network.

Since our management network ( is on physically different infrastructure than our data network (, we're trying to have our 6120 uplink to switches with different views of the network, two for data and one for mgmt. However, the 6120 wants to allow all vlans created on all uplinks, and this isn't working.

A picture of what we're trying to do would look like this.


Is this achievable?

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Re: Same management network for ESXi and UCSM?

From what I can tell from reading other threads, I need to be in switch mode on the 6120s for this to work. Here are the relevant posts: and

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