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Test Case - UCS Unique Features

Can someone share the test cases and schenarios arround the following Unique Features?

  • Service/Server Profile
  • VNLink
  • Unified Fabric
  • Memory Extension
  • QoS

Re: Test Case - UCS Unique Features

Do you mean functional tests to prove that these things work?  If so...

  • Service/Server Profile - the scenarios to test are the creation, using templates, testing blade removal / moving SPs around for stateless computing.  Testing how you recover from deleting a Service Profile when using pools and boot from SAN is an interesting one... believe me!
  • VNLink - well, this is a vSphere / Nexus 1000 thing not just UCS, but you can do some command line stuff to show how when a VM moves it keeps the same VIF.
  • Unified Fabric - if you have a CNA that runs Ethernet+FC then you have Unified Fabric... at least as far as the 6100.  Beyond the 6100 the traffic is split to LAN and FC SAN.
  • Memory Extension - if you have the full-slot blade, then you should be able to see the memory available in VC/ESX.
  • QoS - this is more interesting and should be thought of differently (because it is different) to something like HP VC.  UCS QoS is like vSphere over-commitment: it only ever comes into play when there is contention, in our case on the fabric.  When there is contention then your FC will be guaranteed delivery but only use up to 50% of the 10GbE, and ethernet might drop packets (best effort) and only use the other 50% - IF THERE IS CONTENTION.  If FC wants 80% of the 10GbE and ethernet is only using 10% then there is no problem.  You can tune this, and the tuning applies to a DCE channel and you attach a VIF (e.g. ethernet vNIC presented to vSphere) to that channel.
Do you want these tests to demo UCS?  Or as a customer to prove it works in a POC?  Although Cisco staff demo and prove the above I'm not sure if anyone has "packaged" up these procedures for sharing... that would be a good exercise I think...
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Re: Test Case - UCS Unique Features

Thanks for your inputs. Yes, I'm trying to develop this to do a PoC on a UCS box. Chasing the Cisco account teams but still no luck but I have not seen anywhere Cisco is showcasing these testable.

·  Service/Server Profile : we can do a time check with a pind response and prov the time takes for a SAN boot O/S to switch from one blade to another

·  VNLink : Can someone share the CLI commands to test

·  Unified Fabric: I know the HBA chip in a Qlogic mezanine support the maximum of 4 Gig but wanted to measure the overhead to carry both the traffic

·  Memory Extension: I can think of a VDI solution with maximum number of desktops but what else we can think to prepare the test cases

·  QoS: Thanks for your inputs I should explore further on how to develop a test case around it

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