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UCS 2.2 In-band CIMC Management

Hi all,


I have tried to statically assign IP addresses to the Blades via in-band managment.  But they are not working.

The Vlan exists on the UCS Chassis.



Q. what model of blade do you

Q. what model of blade do you have ?

Only Cisco UCS B-M3 and C-M3 later server platforms support inband CIMC access. Inband CIMC

access for Cisco UCS B-M1, B-M2, and Cisco UCSC-M1, and C-M2 server platforms is not supported.

Q. on the inventory; check CIMC ! do you see the proper IP address ? and if yes, can you ping it ?

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Hi Akhan, Assuming you have

Hi Akhan,


Assuming you have supported hardware as Wdey mentioned, you will need to do the following make this feature work.

1) Create  a Vlan group with the vlan id where the kvm traffic is going to go. (note: you don't have to associate any uplink interfaces or port-channels to this vlan group)

2) Create and inband profile where you associate the vlan group you just created (note: you don't have to associate and ip pool in this profile

3) Associate the inband profile to the server service profile.


See screenshot attached if you have any questions about step 1 through 3 below

Just to add to the above

Just to add to the above reply: I think the initial question was to add an inband ipv4 address to the blade, not the service profile, which of course can be done:

Step 1 In the Navigation pane, click the Equipment tab.

Step 2 On the Equipment tab, expand Equipment > Chassis > Chassis Number > Servers.

Step 3 Click the server for which you want to configure IP addresses.

Step 4 In the Work pane, click the Inventory tab.

Step 5 Click the CIMC subtab.

In the Actions area, two choices are available for management IP addresses:

Modify Outband Static Management IP

Change Inband Management IP

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Wdey,This is the exact


This is the exact procedure i already followed. but it did not work. I will try via the service profile route.


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Thanks for this i will try

Thanks for this i will try this. 

I assigned them statically via the 'Equipment' tab. 




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Hi,  Yes i have B200 M3s.  I



Yes i have B200 M3s.  I can see the IP address on the CIMC but cant ping it from the northbound switch.

Can you ping the default

Can you ping the default gateway ?

Default gateway on CIMC is ok, mask ?

You also configured the vlan ?

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