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New Member

UCS 220 keeps restarting

Hi guys,

We have a UCS220 which seems to keep randomly restarting on us. We only have 1 PSU attached at the minute, but is connected to a UPS and no other devices connected to the UPS are having any problems.

Snap 2013-09-19 at 19.38.19.png

Snap 2013-09-19 at 19.38.51.png

Snap 2013-09-19 at 19.39.23.png

The last restart happened today at about 3pm and looking at the CIMC logs, I can see a critical error to do with PSU redundancy, but as we only have one connected, I guess this is to be expected. Is there anything else in the logs that might point to a particular reason?

BIOS - C220M3.1.4.7b.0

CIMC - 1.4(7a)



Cisco Employee

UCS 220 keeps restarting

The PS redundancy lost alert should be expected since there is just one PSU installed.

However, by just looking at the SEL logs, it's hard to tell why it rebooted.

Is there an OS already installed?

Probably we need to look at some other logs on the tech support file to get a better idea about why it reboots.

New Member

UCS 220 keeps restarting

Hi Zaira,

We have ESXi 5.0 installed with 4 VMs (CUCM, CUC, CUP, CUACEE). I've had a look at the ESXi logs, but they also don't seem to say much.

How can I get a look at the tech support file?



Cisco Employee

UCS 220 keeps restarting

Hi Sean,

I suggest to open a TAC case if  you haven't had a case already. This requires further troubleshooting as the issue is not really clear. Many conditions can lead a server to keep on rebooting, power issues, memory, cpu faults, etc. Please provide date and time when the server experience this condition or relevant events from the OS if any.

Please also attach a tech support for its review.

Please visit this link to collect the file.



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