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UCS 6248UP to UCS 2104XP AND UCS 6120XP to UCS 2208XP


  1. Is the UCS 6248UP compatible with the UCS 2104XP? AND
  2. Is the UCS 6120XP compatible with the UCS 2208XP?


Thank you.



Cisco Employee

Hi Michael, The FI's paring

Hi Michael,


The FI's paring with the IOM's should not matter.

With 2208 the number for back plane ports increase to 32 , while they are 8 with 2104.


The only requirment is to have a  minimum software version of 2.0(1m)


Please refer the below link to confirm the same.




VIP Green

There are some caveats with

There are some caveats with 2104 and / or 6120

1) no port-channel support between 2104 and 6120, or 2104 and 62xx; port-channel between IOM and FI is best practise

2) discovery will fail, if you have e.g. a VIC-1240 with a 2104 ? VIC-1240 requires 2 backplane 10G traces, 2104 only have one.

see also

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We have 2 x 6120XPs connected

We have 2 x 6120XPs connected to one chassis with 2 x 2208 IOMs running the newest code, 2.2.3.


I have tried everything I can think of to create port channels between the FIs and the IOMs, but for some reason it appears that this cannot be done.


Can anyone confirm where the limitation is? I assume the 6120XPs as I have the same setup running port channels on the newer 6248s. Can anyone confirm with a possible link to capabilities?







VIP Green

6120 to 2208 does not support

6120 to 2208 does not support port channel !

You need 2nd generation hardware for FI (62xx) AND IOM (220x)

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