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UCS and Syslog on custom udp port?

Hi there,

We are currently running 10 UCS sites at various locations and recently fired up a syslog project to be able to collect all events but have halted along the way. The idea was to collect syslogs from each UCS system to the same syslog server. Our approach on how to seperate the sites was to have each system send data on different ports... However we're unable to configure custom ports.

The only way we can identify each system today (by design in UCS) is by its IP address, this does however not work very well since some of the sites are using the same IP addresses.

Is it possible to send syslog data to a custom UDP port?

Would it be possible (in future release) for the UCS to include the system name or similar in the event being sent to syslog server?



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UCS and Syslog on custom udp port?


Currently you are not able to modify the syslog port.  This is not on any roadmap in the near future either.  There would need to be more demand for customized syslog ports, which we don't have other than this request to date.



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UCS and Syslog on custom udp port?


You can add me to this request as well.

I would like to send syslog from UCS to a Splunk server.

The easiest way to distingush syslog sources is to use different UDP/TCP port for each syslog source.

It's a shame that it's not possible for UCS, this should be a given and not a so called "feature request".


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UCS and Syslog on custom udp port?

It is something that is a known issue, and we are working on prioritizing it in an upcoming release.  Feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss this further.  My email is ericwill at cisco dot com.         

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