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UCS B blade connection to terminal server

I have a UCS B200 m3. I would like to have console access from a termial server directly to the blade. Is there anything that I need to enable on the ucs manager?

I can go into the ucs manager and click on "KVM Console" and get a session, but I need to have it through the term server.

To try to accomplish this, I used the console port on the blade. It comes with a dongle that connects there. That dongle has a serial, 2 usb and a video port.

I connected the serial end to a serial cable, and with a ethernet connector (those small square ones) to one end of an octal cable on my terminal server.

I'm not getting anything on the console through the term server.

In the ucs manager I've tried going into the servers->Policies->root->BIOS defaults->Cisco UCS B200-M3->Server Management

There I've enabled console redirection and 9600BAUD

Also tried on

servers->Policies->root->BIOS Policies->SRIOV to change the console redirection fields. I had no progress with that.

Has someone done this before that can help? Or someone that has an idea how this should work?

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