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UCS Backups

Is it me or is the backup utility in UCS lacking in functionality.  I am trying to get a backup to run and/or setup a scheduled backup periodically for recovery purposes.  With two 6248 fabric interconnects, do I really need to do a backup?  Correct me if I am wrong, if I loose a FI I should be able to replace it with a basic config and pull the UCS configuration from the remaining FI.  I have tried to setup a backup from the gui, as well as the cli with limited luck.  I am trying to document my procedures for doing a backup and a restore, but I can not get the same results on a consistence.  Thanks for any info anyone can provide.


If you loose one FI, you can

If you loose one FI, you can replace it by going through the following procedure

- update the replacement FI to have the same firmware version as the peer FI (otherwise the cluster will not be built)

- erase configuration of the replacement FI, and connect cluster heartbeat to good FI

- Terminal session to replacement FI: asked to join a cluster, enter admin pw, configure out of band IP for replacement FI

- cluster will be built, and synch of configuration replicated to replaced FI.


However, you would probably like to have a backup, for the case you loose both FI's ?

This is well documented in




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