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UCS C240 M3S2 - KVM is not working after dowgrading from 2.0(1b) to 1.5(4e)

Recently we got few new C240 M3S2 Rackmounts from Cisco. Those came with 2.0(1b). We want them to downgrade to 1.5(4e).

We used hostupgrade utility and selected to downgrade CIMC and BIOS.   CIMC downgraded successfully, BIOS successful message we didnt we lost connection to CIMC and also to KVM.

After CIMC is up, we logged in back, we saw CIMC and BIOS shown correctly....

BIOS Version: C240M3.1.5.4h.0 (Build Date: 03/19/2014)

CIMC Version: 1.5(4e)

But KVM console is not working. Its not a java issue on my laptop. We looked at downloaded jnlp file, but the file is empty. So KVM cannot be launched.....

Any idea what would be wrong with KVM?

We really appreciate for any inputs on this?






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I hope that when you did the

I hope that when you did the downgrade you actually did a downgrade of "ALL" and not just CIMC and BIOS (best practice is to have everything run the same version, when talking about rack mount servers)

Now, in regards to KVM, can other computers access KVM?

What is the Java version used?

Was this working prior to the upgrade?

Can you SSH to the CIMC IP address?




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I selected only BIOS and CIMC

I selected only BIOS and CIMC, because RAID and NIC firmware was same between these releases.

Coming to KVM, yes before downgrade it was working. I actually started my downgrade using KVM virtual media with Host upgrade utility ISO.

Java version 1.6

Yes, I am able to SSH to CIMC.

No, now we cannot access KVM from any computer. As said we looked at the downloaded jnlp and its empty.


On my computer, jnlp files

On my computer, jnlp files are automatically saved (in "temp") every time I need to pull KVM again, do you happen to have an old jnlp file anywhere you can look for and try to pull KVM from there? (just or testing).



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Kenny,I did tried that, but


I did tried that, but it fails with error "login failed or timedout. Try again".

Really appreciate for your inputs..



Sai,It would be worth it to


It would be worth it to use the "reboot CIMC" (This is not disruptive to the OS, only to the mgmt interface of the server) from the Admin tab where the show tech is also generated.  If you have the luxury of rebooting the server, that is a better option than rebooting just CIMC.

If this still does not work, it would be useful to open a TAC case and investigate further.



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Kenny,Actually it started


Actually it started working. Not by doing CIMC reboot, we did that before, it didn't help.


We just disabled KVM once, by going to Remote Presence and save changes. Then we re-enabled and saved changes. With that it started working......


Thanks for inputs kenny...






Sai,Sure, if you see that


Sure, if you see that again, open a TAC case, I have not seen that issue til now



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saw same behavior recently

saw same behavior recently while working on UCS C240 M3 server running firmware 2.0(1b), tried several things but continued to get "application cannot be launched " error. tried latest version 8 of JAVA , reduced security on java, added hosts in java permission list but no luck. Finally i got it resolved by downgrading the Java to version 7. Also its important that you installed the 32 or 64 bit of version based on your OS on windows machine. Hope this helps !

Cisco should document this, took nearly whole day to get this fixed.

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