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UCS C460 Upstream connectivity issues

Hi guys,

we have deployed a new UCS C460 on the network but we are observing connectivity problems for the directlly connected N3K.

The UCS server has a VIC1225 with 2 vnics configured one to each physical 10Gb port, the ports are in port-channel to the 3ks that are configured in VPC

to the server, with this topology we cant reach the HSRP vIP configured in the 3Ks and we can reach only one of them.

The 3Ks are configured in VPC for multipe devices that use this HSRP without issues.

The VPC for the server is up and well configured.

Also the server OS is SUZE.

Im wondering if this have anything to do with some caveat in the VIC1225? it appears like the VIS is in active/passive as when we cut one uplink the other 

3K is reachable....

anyone has some toughts about the issue


Any help is apreciated.



Cisco Employee

Hello,You mention that when


You mention that when we shut down one of the two links from the vnic to the 3k, we are able to have full uplink connectivity? Does this work no matter which uplink gets shut?

Also, has any nic teaming been configured on the side of the OS?



New Member

Hi gmonroy,yes we had the nic

Hi gmonroy,

yes we had the nic teaming set up on the os.


For troubleshooting porpuses we had removed the teaming and the VPC and configured a standart L3 interface from the UCS to the N3k, we found out out that we cannot ping the SVI and the HSRP VIP on that switch?!? we have configured a static mac entrie on the N3K in order to workaround the problem while TAC analises the issue...


i saw a similar problem reported here in the community but its not awsered..we are using 6.0(2)A1(1d)...

all replies are welcome,



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