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UCS native vlan

Hi,  Can anyone explain how native vlan configuration should be used in UCS? when creating vnic, and checking "trunk", you then select the vlans to be allowed in the trunk, there is also a native vlan radio button beside each vlan. If the Cat 6509 uplink switch is connected to Fabric Interconnect using normal trunk configuration as follows:  interface ten5/2 switchport switchport trunk encap dot1q switchport mode trunk  with the above config on the Cat6509, assuming default vlan 1 is the native vlan, does that mean that i have to check the native VLAN 1 when configuring the vNIC?  Thanks Eng Wee

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Re: UCS native vlan

Unless your OS associated to the Service Profile has the capability to do tagging on its traffic you should have a native VLAN selected for the default VLAN you want to use for untagged traffic.  For ESX even though it supports 802.1Q tagging we select the Service Console VLAN as Native so network install of ESX with PXE will work since there is no tagging enabled at that stage.

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UCS native vlan

Hi folks,

Although an old post, still an upto date issue!  I've just got round it in my implementation!

Was looking at all sorts of places, but need to ensure that not only is your native vlan set at your switch end (connecting to the FIs) to the iSCSI vlan, also on your relevant vNICs in your service profiles, AND AND AND, needs to be set as the system native VLAN in the LAN tab.

Also to note, you don't need native vlan set the same on other links, so if your storage links 'tag' the iSCSI vlan that will be fine.

Hope this helps.



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UCS native vlan

Please find the detail in the link below ,hope this will help you regarding your query

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