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UCS server fail to discovery due to mezzanine card

Dear all,

My UCS chassis now facing a problem, that is UCSM fail to discover blades (2 blades), when I looked into FSM of the task discovery, i saw the following:
 descr="detect mezz cards in 1/1(FSM-STAGE:sam:dme:ComputeBladeDiscover:NicPresenceLocal)"

My UCSM version is 2.2(1c). I need some help/advice, should i open RMA for those Mezzanine?

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Are these new blades?Were

Are these new blades?

Were these working before?

how many adapters do theses server haves?

what mezzanine adapter do they have install?

what is the model of your IOMs?

What is the firmware on theses blades?

Provide an screenshot of the FSM status

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Dear Manvelas,These are old

Dear Manvelas,

These are old blades, and they worked before, after experience power outage, the problem appeared. The Mezz card are VIC 1240 LOM. IOM model is 2204XP, the firmware on these blades is 2.2(1c).

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It is possible that the sprom

It is possible that the sprom for these adapters got corrupted when the outage happened, I have seen this before. In this case, cisco TAC are the only ones that can help you reprogram these adapters as they need to load a plugin that can only be configured with an internal key. In case the adapters can't get reprogram TAC can also help you with the RMA if the server is under warranty or contract.

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I have fixed the problem by

I have fixed the problem by unplugged power cord on both FI and Chassis and then configured them again. Then the system came up and working.


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