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UCS with Vmware 5.5 vDS to Nexus 1000v migration questions

I currently have a VM farm running ESXi 5.5 on UCS B200 series blades. I am in the process of migrating away from vDS to the Nexus 1000v but I have some deployment questions.

Today, each of my ESXi hosts is getting 12 vNICs from the use. 2 for vmotion, 2 for mgmt, 2 for FT, 2 for NFS, 2 for data and 2 for VOIP/Stearming. Each of these vNICS is attached to a different QOS poicy (and in some cases MTU size). These policies when needed are preserved down to my N5ks (like for NFS). Most of the deployment guides/examples I have seen for the N1kv show only 2 or 4 vNICS per ESXi host. 

Should I keep my 12 vNICS or collapse down to the commonly used 4?


If I collapse down to the 4 do I not set a QOS policy on the vNIC and does the N1kv do the tagging for me? Does it get preserved through the FIC to my N5ks?





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