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UCSM Password Recovery

Came into a situation where it is needed to recover a lost admin password for the fabric interconnects. Because the password is lost, we are unable to clean shutdown any of the blades and such.  Not an ideal situation, but it's what I have to deal with.

I've read through the CLI guide and I'm familiar with the process to recover a password and having to reboot both fabric interconnects essentially bringing down any connectivity, but what exactly are the effects going to be?

Obviously upstream network connectivity will be lost so the VM hosts and VMs living inside the B-Series will be isolated, but will the IOMs/blades do anything crazy because they lost connectivity to the fabric? I realiz that since the FI's go down the storage paths will be lost.  Anything else I should worry about?


UCSM Password Recovery


I have done just few of these but normally you have to delete the database to be prompted to configure the fabric again, this might mean to delete Service Profiles and other configurations.

Here is a great post from a colleage that can help you do the recovery:

Maybe someone else in this forum can provide another way to do it without losing everything, or you can also open a TAC case.

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