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UCSM unable to monitor storage on blade after Firmware update

I'm getting the following fault on two of my B200-M3 blades after doing a firmware infrastructure autoinstall from 2.2(1d) to 2.2(3b).  Firmware update was successful on everything, so I'm not sure why something happened to the blades.

The UCSM is claiming it can't talk to the SAS card, however the card is indeed working fine, blade boots up and works no problem.  Any ideas?  It seems it just can't monitor the disks for some reason, and I don't get why it's only on two of the blades...

 descr="Controller 1 on server 1/6 is inoperable. Reason: CIMC did not detect storage controller"


What version CIMC, BIOS does

What version CIMC, BIOS does your server run ?

Did you try a CIMC reset ?

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ModelRunning Version
Adapter 1Cisco UCS VIC 12402.2(1d)
BIOSCisco UCS B200 M3B200M3.2.2.1a.0.111220131105
Board ControllerCisco UCS B200 M311
CIMC ControllerCisco UCS B200 M32.2(1d)
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I disassociated the server

I disassociated the server and pulled it out of the chassis and then plugged it back in.  Not sure if that would have the same effect as CIMC reset...

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Answer was to disassociate

Answer was to disassociate server from profile, remove server from default pool, yank it out of the chassis, put it back in, re-add to default pool, re-associate with service profile.

As they say on the IT Crowd, "Did you try forcing an unexpected reboot?"

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Try CIMC reset and if that

Try CIMC reset and if that didn't work Disassociate and reassociate the Service profile should clear the error.

UCS-A# scope server 2/4

UCS-A /chassis/server # scope CIMC

UCS-A /chassis/server/cimc # reset

UCS-A /chassis/server/cimc* # commit-buffer

UCS-A /chassis/server/cimc #  

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