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Upgrade from 2.1a to 2.1(1f)

Hi All,


We are experiencing FAN failure issues across the chassis , even though the fans are running we are still getting an error "fans unoperable '' . I was told by TAC to go to version 2.1(1f) . I was also check version 2.1(3a) . I would like to know if i go to version 2.1(3a) , will that resolve the issue as well or I really need to update to version 2.1(1f). Also I need clarification in Cisco Zoning support . If i upgrade the version 2.1.(1f) will the upgrade retain the zoning configuration ? what is the alternative ? how to do the upgrade without losing configuration settings ? Let me know.



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Upgrade from 2.1a to 2.1(1f)

Hi Saleem,

1) Did TAC provided you with a defect about this issue? If they did, you can go to the link below to verify in which versions of code was this defect resolved.

2) Are you talking about the zoning on the fabric interconnects? If you are, upgrading the fimware should not delete your current zoning configuration.  I recommend to also take a look at the release notes before you upgrade.

Release Notes for Cisco UCS Software, Release 2.1

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Saleem,    The fan issue


    The fan issue sound to me like I2C. 





Try to reset the FANs one at the time for about 60 second and then put it back in. check if you keep getting the alerts. 


With the Zoning config. The upgrade should not take any effect in your configuration as Manuel just told you. 



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