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Uplink ports on 6506E and UCS FI 6248's

Hello, I am trying to get my UCS on line with two uplink ports in an ether channel connected to a single 6506E switch with dup sup's.  I have FI-A in PO100 and FI-B in PO200 on the 6500 and FI's.

The problem I am having is that only one member of each port-channel will come up, I have swapped the TWIN-AX cables with not luck.  I have opened a TAC they suggested replacing the 10GB line card in the 6500. which I did this morning and still only one member of each channel will come up.  These are the port setting from 6506E side, if anybody can see a reason why they might not be configured correctly please let me know.



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Uplink ports on 6506E and UCS FI 6248's

Hello John,

Please SSH into UCS FI and provide output of following commands

connect nxos a

show port-channel summary

show lacp system-identifier

show lacp counters

show tech-support lacp all | no-more

You can also share above information with TAC engineer . If could collect similar info from Cat 6K , that would also be helpful.

You can turn debugs on FI and bounce the port-channel and stop the debugs to further investigate the issue.

connect nxos a

debug lacp all


undebug all


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Uplink ports on 6506E and UCS FI 6248's

And also, share the interface and transceiver details of the connected ports.

connect nxos a

show int eth x/y

show int eth x/y transceiver detail

Are these two devices connected directly or via patch panels ?

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