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VLAN Tagging in Hyper-V when using VM-FEX

When setting up a Hyper-V server using VM-FEX and SR-IOV is there a way to use VLAN's other than the Native VLAN on each dynamic NIC assigned to the virtual machines?

We have setup the port profiles and created the VM-FEX virtual switches inside Hyper-V and bound the Dynamic NIC inside the guest OS to the Port Profile.  We have not been able to see a way to tag the traffic leaving the VM with a  VLAN tag.  You can't set the VLAN at the VM Settings page while the virtual switch is setup using VM-FEX like you normally would in Hyper-V (you get an usuported feature error).  The Microsoft driver inside the VM and the VF driver also don't appear to support VLAN tagging.

We ahve been told by TAC that our setup is correct and that you can only use the Native VLAN.  If this is the case then why do all the VM-FEX guides for Hyper-V include how to add Named VLAN's by CLI or GUI to the Port Profiles.

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VLAN Tagging in Hyper-V when using VM-FEX

I can't answer your question. But I can confirm that I noticed that as well. It took me a lot of time to figure out it just ain't possible. One of the reasons we don't use it.

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