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vmnic / pcie order - dual adapter system

To maintain vnic / vmnic naming with a single adapter I can use a placement policy. If I have two adapters and I want to split the static vnic for each traffic type (vmotion, mgmt. etc) between the adapters to provide physical nic redundancy, how can I maintain the PCIE ordering?

Placing adapters in order within a single adapter system placement policy I know which adapter will be vmnic0, vmnic1 etc etc.

I wanted to place mgmt and vmotion using fab A on vcon2 (left hand adapter in B250 M2) – mgmt and vmotion using fab B on vcon1 (right hand adapter) with dynamic vnics automatically distributed (round robin I believe) between the adapters favouring fab B (vcon1,2,3 and 4)….. However, I think this will cause my PCIE ordering to all over the place!

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vmnic / pcie order - dual adapter system

Thinking about this a little more – Does it really mater about the PCIe numbering, as long as I can identify the mapping between each static vnic / vhba and its corresponding vmnic / vmhba.

What are others doing with a similar setup?

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