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Vmotion redundancy across subnets.

Hi, I'm fairly new to the UCS/VMWare world.  Another tech in my department who is mainly responsible for our VM infrastructure is doing some work with Vmotion and trying to set up some high availability failover for our VM's.

What we'd like to do is house ESX servers in 2 different physical locations, with VMotion failover between the two.  The problem is, the sites are on 2 different subnets.  If the VM's are brought up on the backup ESX server, their IP's won't route if they have the same range as their original.  However if they are assigned new IP's based on the new subnet, critical services will not be available without some manual DNS intervention.

Any suggestions on how cross-subnet Vmotion is possible?



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Re: Vmotion redundancy across subnets.

Hey Rob!  Welcome to the UCS/VMware world!

VMotion is not a failover facility, it's a proactive maintenance facility.  As such, you only use it to migrate "happy" workloads between "happy" systems on the same network.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like you are asking for a failover facility which wouldn't be VMotion but VMware's SRM - this provides an automatic way to failover VMs and re-IP them on a different subnet.

Check this link out for more details, and there's even a 60-day eval so you can prove it!

Let me know what else you need,


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