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VMQ on C220?

Hi, does the C220 support VMQ? We are seeing performance issues on a Windows 2012 Hyper-V host where VMQ is default enabled and suspect that lack of VMQ support might be the reason for it.


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Have you checked your BIOS

Have you checked your BIOS settings according to

and regarding VMQ support see release notes

Support for Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)



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Hi wdey, I should add that

Hi wdey, I should add that they are running standalone and not managed by UCS so the release notes you suggested are not applicable here. I have checked bios and can´t find anything about VMQ there.



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Hi AndreasI understand; if

Hi Andreas

I understand; if you read the doc about c-series server, mananged by UCSM, you see the following p 287ff

- If you want to configure the VMQ vNIC on a service profile for a server, at least one adapter in the server must support VMQ. Make sure the servers have at least one the following adapters installed:• UCSC-PCIE-CSC-02 (this is the VIC-1225)

- When a VMQ vNIC is configured on service profile, make sure you have the following settings:
• Select SRIOV in the BIOS policy.
• Select Windows in the Adapter policy.
- Create a VMQ connection policy:
UCS-A# scope org
UCS-A /org # create vmq-conn-policy policy name
UCS-A /org/vmq-conn-policy* # set queue-count queue count (number)
UCS-A /org/vmq-conn-policy* # set interrupt-count queue count (number)
UCS-A /org/vmq-conn-policy* # commit-buffer


I don't have a server at this moment to test; I assume (hope), that CIMC of a standalone server should allow you to do the same commands.


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Hi, in this case they are

Hi, in this case they are using the P81E adapter and i believe that it doesn´t support VMQ, it´s discontinued and not listed in the document you referred to. I will look into this further and let you know what i find out.

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