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New Member

vnic's gone from traffic monitoring session after UCS upgrade to 2.2(1d)

Any one come across this issue before. After we had upgraded our whole UCS environment to 2.2(1d) all the vnics from

our traffic monitoring sessions were gone and had to be added back in to the session.

nothing in upgrade or release notes about it


Cisco Employee

Hello Paul,Can you please

Hello Paul,

Can you please describe " traffic monitoring sessions  by vNIC ?


If you have not done so, I would suggest you to collect both UCSM and Chassis ( which has the blade in question ) techsupport logs and open a TAC service request. 


Logs are required to further investigate the issue. 




New Member

HI PadmaIn UCS manager under

HI Padma

In UCS manager under LAN then traffic monitoring sessions. we have a session for each fabric interconnect. Then we highlight the session we have created and on the pane on the right there is an option vNIC's in here we placed all our hosts but after the upgrade they had all been removed. 

The issue was only noticed recently and the upgrade was done at the start of the month so i would guess the logs have been overwritten by now.

are there are issues with the 2.2(1d) upgrade and traffic monitoring sessions settings ?



Cisco Employee

Hello Paul,Thanks for the

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the detailed information. 

What was the previous UCSM version ?

Let us start with available logs and TAC can attempt to re-create the issue in their lab. 

I will get back to you if I know about existing defect for this behavior.




New Member

the previous version was 2.1 

the previous version was 2.1 

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