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Why blades booted automatically in UCS

Hi Team ,

Yesterday we performed Blades & chassis shutdown due to some maintenance activity in Data center.

We removed power cables from UCS chassis.

After maintenence activity , we connected all power cables back to UCS chassis. After sometime all blades booted automatically.

Can some pls expalin this thing ?

Is there anything defined such as auto-boot or anything else in BIOS policy or service profile which results automatically boot of UCS blades.

Pls suggest.

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Why blades booted automatically in UCS

Check the profile and change the "Change Initial Power State", set this to down.....

Why blades booted automatically in UCS


If you go to the service profile of any of the blades that booted up automatically, you can click on the service profile and see the reason.

Follow this path:

1- Equipment> Equipment> Chassis x > Blade y > On the right, under properties of the server, where you see the Slot ID, Product name, etc... look for Service Profie and click on it.

2-New window pops up... go to "Policies" > Expand "BIOS Policy", if there is one applied you will see the name of the policy next to "BIOS Policy Instance", click on it > Check "Resume Ac On Power Loss"  <<<<< This will tell the specific blades with this policy what to do when there is a power loss.

I hope this helps understand what happened....(Sorry for not including images....)


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Why blades booted automatically in UCS

Hi guys ,

Thanks for your input , but i would like to clarify some points:


Policies" > Expand "BIOS Policy"> Resume Ac On Power Loss is set to Platform Default. We are having UCS B200 M2  blades. Even i went to BIOS defaults under policies , but there is no  Resume Ac On Power Loss option available over there.


I cant Change Initial Power State as its showing Initial Power state is defined in Service profile. But not able to find anywhere.

Not able to understand where this setting is present.

Re: Why blades booted automatically in UCS


Here are the images to get there and define it :

If this helped, marked it as  "answered" for other users in the future.


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