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12.3 IOS problem

I have set up an AS5300 for origination calls. the Gateway is running IOS (12.3-1a).

There are 4 Terminating Gateways in the setting. When the former routes pass call to

the last one because of any reason (no circuit, no route , no free line), Calls will be

activated but the Radius still receive CDR with the first route information. Suppose ,

there are 4 routes with these sequential prefixes 1231, 1232, 1233, 1234.

When routes with prefixes 1231, 1232, 1233 fail and calls are routed through route

with prefix 1234, the CDR shows, calls are activated through the route with prefix 1231.

(I mean the SHOW CALL ACTIVE VOICE command shows the call with destination number 1234xxxxxxxxxxx is active

but CDR and Radius DEBUG show the call with destination number 1231xxxxxxxxxxx is active).

Has anybody faced this problem?

How it can be handled?

I appreciate for any idea.

New Member

Re: 12.3 IOS problem

Does this only happen to your fourth route? In other words, if the 1231 prefix fails, and the call is routed through 1232, do you have the same problem?

New Member

Re: 12.3 IOS problem


yes, I do.

when I have multiple carriers,The Radius packets from Cisco are generated in wrong way.

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