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3515 MCU and H.323, H320, SIP endpoint integration

I have a solution that has several pieces to the video puzzle and now we would like to bring in an MCU to do some video mixing, but we are unsure of what the video will actually look like. We haven't seen a demo of how the 3515 visually appears if anyone has any links to an online video of a conference for demo purposes (particularly one that has participants from H.323 sources and from SCCP sources).

We want H.323, SCCP, and SIP (CUPC) endpoints to be able to join a conference all together and see each other. I believe this should work provided we have enough ports allocated for dial-in conferencing and ad-hoc/meetme conferencing in CUCM.

What would the display look like though, should all of this work? Would the CUPC user see a brady bunch effect or would it be active speaker only? And how many parties are visible to the various endpoints or does everyone see the same display no matter what endpoint they are participating from?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 3515 MCU and H.323, H320, SIP endpoint integration

I am going through the same thing and it has been a real struggle to get any sort of useful demo on the conferencing solution(s).

I saw a demo 2 weeks ago that answered most of my questions, unfortunately it does not exactly fit with what we are trying to do.

we have meetingplace express and can get a multipoint videoconference going with CUPC, VTadvantage, 7985s and Polycom VSX 8000. All devices are registered to UCM 5.1 and we dial them all via a 4 digit extension.

in the above scenario - the conference shows up as 2 individual video windows. The 1st window shows the local camera (yourself) and the 2nd window shows the "Active Speaker" on the remote side...

You CANNOT get the brady bunch effect (AKA continuous presence) in Meetingplace Express - not even with the MCU - they wont talk to each other.

meetingplace express VT - no continuous presence

Unified Video Conferencing Manager 5.5 - Continuous presence not built in but you can configure your MCU to talk to this app

Full blown Meetingplace? - Sure, if you have 250grand why not... go for it.

So yes, you gotta get the MCU to make this happen. Seeing an actual screenshot is tough but you may want to check out the admin/config guide for the 3515 MCU where it will at least show you how to set up the different scenarios. It will work and the features look to be quite extensive with lots of different layouts.

You could also stroll over to Radvision's website because the 3515 and 3545 is just a Radvision MCU with green cisco paint and logo. They have some screenshots over there that were helpful. It works pretty much the same.

They really need to spend about 30 minutes and youtube some guy using the dang thing because it does work pretty well but it is IMPOSSIBLE to see it live or even find useful info about it.

Let me know how this turns out! drop me an email at - I can send you the admin guides, I downloaded them all to my system because I got so tired of trying to find stuff on - also I can hook you up with the local company that showed us the demo down here in Orange County, CA.

Good Luck

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Re: 3515 MCU and H.323, H320, SIP endpoint integration

Thank you so much for the reply. I'll take the task to heart to research what you have suggested and I may bug you at some point with an email. It is greatly appreciated.

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Re: 3515 MCU and H.323, H320, SIP endpoint integration

To confirm, the brady bunch effect is not possible with meeting place express? Have there been any changes within MPE to support this?

Secondly, in the scenario mentioned above, is an MCU even required? It would seem like its not since multipoint video isn't actually being used b/c MP Express is video switching to the "active/loudest" speaker.

Please confirm.


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Re: 3515 MCU and H.323, H320, SIP endpoint integration

Hi, I found your email on the forums of Cisco, because I'm installing a video conferencing solution.

I would serve you much information because I have had many problems in this installation.

I hope your answer thanks

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