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7960 phone - reset to factory default doesn't work


I'm having a hard time trying to reset a 7960 to factory defaults as per

First I power on the phone and immediately hit "#"

The instructions say that "Headset, Mute and Speaker buttons begin to flash" - however this isn't the case - the phone just continues with normal startup.

I've already tried keeping "#" pressed till normal startup is over - nothing. The phone just continues normal startup.

Also tried with both the phone connected to the network and disconnected from the net - no change either. Whatever I do, the phone just starts up completely ignoring the "#" (BTW, the "#" button is ok - once the phone is up and I press "#" it appears on the display, so no mechanical fault here)

Firmware is P0S3-06-3-00 (i.e. SIP-firmware), Boot Load ID PC03C300, DSP Load PS03AT38

Thanks much in advance for your help,


PS: The reason I need to reset the phone to factory defaults is because the config is locked and the password has been lost :-(

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