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ACL and Polycoms

We are trying to setup some Polycom i900 systems to set the DSCP value of EF on their video packets and catch these for QoS on our router. What is happening I cannot figure out. I have set up the following ACL:

permit ip host any dscp ef

permit ip any host dscp ef

permit ip host any precedence critical

permit ip any host precedence critical

permit 46 host any (108 matches)

permit 46 any host matches)

Now, I expected the router to see the traffic based upon the first condition, however, it sees it on the last two. I only added the last two lines after seeing the following doing a debug ip packet detail:

Jan 13 16:28:30 CST: IP: s= (Serial0/0.1), d=, g=, len 192, forward, proto=46

Have I done something wrong in the ACL? Is the ACL matching inproperly? Or is this a problem in the Polycom?


Re: ACL and Polycoms

I agree with you that the access-lists should be considered from top to bottom and not otherwise. May be the problem has arised because of some misconfigurations of access-lists. I would suggest you, to have a copy of all the accesslists in a notepad, then delete all the access lists and re-add them one by one.And if I am not wrong, the access lists should be ended by a deny any any statement.

Hope this works.

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Re: ACL and Polycoms

Please post your entire QoS config.

Your access list is just doing matching; it is not doing any setting for your DSCP values.

Also, I think the Polycom's are IP precedence aware and set their outgoing VC packets to 5.

Also, matching protocol 46 (RSVP) isn't really going to help - RSVP does not transport application data. It is only used for requesting resources from the network.

Also, a Cisco search for QoS and Polycom returns this url:


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