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Basic H320GW with CUCM and SCCP video endpoint


I'm new in video configuration and I've some questions that could seems basic ones.

I want to configure a Polycom VSX 6000 in SCCP on a CUCM 6.1, with an h320 GW connected to the PSTN.

For the SCCP part, it's OK, but I've several questions regarding the h320 GW configuration.

- Currently, I've an H323 GW configured with 2 fractionnal PRIs, only for voice. If I change the Int Serial 0/0/0:15 config by adding, "isdn integrate calltype all", will it cut existing calls?

- Do I need to configure a h320 secondary dial-plan for the SCCP Endpoint (in the doc, they're always talking about H320 endpoint) ?

- If yes, if I add a "voice-class called-number-pool" under the voice-port already used for voice calls, will all the voice call still work (remember my PRI is fractional and the numbers are not the same at all)?

Thanks in advance



Re: Basic H320GW with CUCM and SCCP video endpoint

isdn integrate calltype all: Enables the serial interface for integrated mode, which allows data and voice call traffic to occur simultaneously. This configuration disables the voice option for the isdn incoming-voice command on the interface.

voice-class called-number-pool: To assign a previously defined voice class called number pool to a voice port, use the voice-class called-number-pool command in voice port configuration mode.

With a combined static and dynamic configuration, the secondary numbers match the static inbound voice-class called-number inbound for the incoming dial-peer first. If the voice-class called-number-pool is configured under voice-port for a specific T1 or E1 controller, dynamic secondary numbers are chosen. Static secondary numbers are chosen only if no dynamic secondary number pool is found under the voice port.

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