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call failover.


I need to know how can i implement call failover on my AS.

GW-A ----softswtich -----gwB



So, If by any chance my IP network is down, i should able to sent the call Via PSTN. (it will be hair pinning). Can anyone tell me how it can be done.

what need to be addded on Dial-peer ?

help will be much appreciated.!!




Re: call failover.

Well, pretty easy:

1. configure both the dial-peer's destination patterns to match the same prefix. You can easily check if they both match with "show dialplan number xxxxx" (or something similar was the command).

2. Configure their preference in such a way, that always the VoIP route is tried first. There is an "option" preference in the dial-peer.

Community Member

Re: call failover.

Thanks, One more thing. We are trying to put gateways @ customers premises, (now we were testing at our place). So, when our management system (softswitch) or IP netowrk is down, the call should go Via PSTN. As you explained,. WE need a Voip & pots dialpeer with same destination patter & voip should be given more prefrence than POts, so that when voip Dialpeer doesnt work(when IP network goes down Or Softswitch is down), it leaves Via Pots(PSTN) ? Am i right ?

For the time being , we are using Quintum, which is good but not stable one. It is having soo many bugs.

So we are replacing all our GWs with cisco. The traffic pattern is like this

PBX --> GW ---> softswitch ----> GW (termination)

So, we will place the GW @ customer premises, so that when call comes into GW, it shud sent it to Our softswitch. and incase if (ip or GK) down, then it has to re-route it Via PSTN.

Becase all thses are call centers, 0% downtime.

There is another feature "mid-call failover, whcih we are looking forward to. Quintum works for mid call failover. Do cisco have this feautre? If so , it 100%

Thanks & waiting for your reply.

p sylvester

Re: call failover.

1. Quintum have no serious bugs (if they do, they are 4 -5 times less than those in Cisco).

2. Are you from India, by any chance ?

Community Member

Re: call failover.

Quintum there are serious problems, I agree Quintum there are more features but its not stable.

I have seen a few bugs (infact i used to report it to Quintum). When we were using the latest version, 102.11.06. We had issues. Our termination was cisco AS5400. When we connect from Quintum 102.11.06, there is one way audio. The same thing when we downgrade to 101 version it works fine.

There were some other issues, with RRQ rebooting my GK. That problem wasnt there when i was using 101, when they upgraded the SW version,RRQ message was rebooting the GK.

We also faced Registration issues. Quintum new version wasnt getting registered to GK. Where the Old version (101) & cisco doesnt show any problem in registering. The new version will also get register when it is initialised for the first time,

I mean when we reboot teh box, after that when TTL gets expired it should re-resgister with the GK , which doesnt happen.

We faced so many problems with Quintum (which im 100% sure not a config Error),

There are few more problem i encountered with Quintum, like it was sending "/" with dialednumbers (which is not acceptable)

& there are couple of other problems which i will mail later & believe me, all these bugs can be rectified if they want.

but their response is much slow. I dont know abt cisco response to complaints.(hope itwont be different :-) )

Yes! Im from India - cochin. I faced these problems when i was abraod for a project.

They had cisco too, which doesnt have as many features as Quintum is having, But its more stable.(thats the main thing we need, when its Voip)


prashanth sylvester

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