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Call manager 3.3(2) loading problems

Are you aware of any problems with the loading of 3.3(2), we have a

new call manager which has been loaded as a new installation and fails every time to load Cisco Directory. The load just freezes and has to be manually shut down.

We have tried returning to basics and loading Compaq smart

server, the new OS and then repeating the CM load but fail at the same point

every time. The box in question is configured as a subscriber. An identical

(new box) configured as a publisher had no problems with this stage.

We also noted that on another upgrade from 3.1(4) to 3.3(2) that there was an error at the end of each subscriber load to the effect that it was unable to

establish whether the Cisco Directory had been fully loaded. This error

vanished on subsequent retries!

many thanks


Community Member

Re: Call manager 3.3(2) loading problems

Problem solved.

I,m sure it's burried somewhere in the install documentation but i can't find the reference that say's that Cisco DC uses the names cache to contain valid PC names/routes . This is achieved in a new installation by preloading the names using the LMHosts #PRE option.

in an upgard from 3.1(4) it does not seem to need it!!!!


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