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Can't connect call manager from IP phone.

To all,

We've migrated the router and relocated same IP information as well as routing table. It looks like data connection was ok. but only IP phone can't connect call manager. but, IP phone has been connected voice gateway router without any problem. Pleas see the following log.

Jun 10 07:05:01 GMT: %IPPHONE-6-REG_ALARM: 10: Name=SEP002304359FD5 Load= SCCP41.9-0-3S Last=TCP-timeout

Is this log related voice call manager connection? We are sure definitely there was no any routing issue from new router since all of connection was ok. we have connectd laptop like acting voice IP phone to switch. it has got the voice IP range by DHCP without no issue. from that laptop to call manger, we can reach by ICMP as well as trace route. Also, there was no firewall definitely. only IP Phone can't register the call manager.

on WAN perspective, it was established by DMVPN with HQ. So, we can access all of resources thru DMVPN.

What we should looked into more? let us know about right direction to fix up this issue ASAP.

Thanks you.            

Cisco Employee

Can't connect call manager from IP phone.

A packet capture from the call manager server the phone is supposed to register to would be helpful to see if the traffic is getting back and forth correctly.  Here's how to take a packet capture from the call manager server,

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