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Change GDM Standard greeting, Unity Express 7.0


We have a customer using Unity 7.0 (with CME on a 2800).  They've asked that we replace all of their recorded prompts with new ones.  I can't find an option to set the standard mailbox greeting anywhere in the webUI. I've also checked both CME config and the Unity module config to find where the standard recording is located, to just replace the old file with the new recording (keeping the filename the same), but also no luck.  Nothing jumps out at me in flash storage.  As far as I know none of the GDM's had greetings recorded via the over-the-phone method as all the recordings are done by a third-party company.

If only changing VM prompts was as easy as changing prompts elsewhere .....

I guess if there is no way via the backend to manually set a prompt as the standard mailbox greeting, the other option would be to dial each GDM's menu with a softphone, loop my line-out to line-in and manually play the file back (I have high quality originals).  But, this is pretty tedious .....


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