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choppy voip connection

I have 1MB wireless link from my ISP. I am using Cisco VOIP phones in my company. Over the months my VOIP quality is not good(on/off connectivity),though my internet is somehow working fine. When I talked to my ISP , they told me to use Cisco switch / router instead of Nortal. Moreover ISP also saying that the switch / router can be configured to full duplex/ half duplex because ISP equipment can be switched to half/duplex.

-->My questions.

1-what cisco router/switch should I use with voip phones ?

2-What duplex setting should be on the router/switch so voip quality be remains optimum.

3-Is 1MB link can be used for voip?

4-Is it possible to configure voip phones to full/half duplex ?

Please help. Thanks.


Re: choppy voip connection


2. If you're currently running your phones over a wireless connection, this can cause problems. Wireless doesn't have guaranteed bandwidth and it's half duplex.

If you were to switch this out with a router and switch, you could make every link full duplex.

Full duplex is what you should run everywhere. The only modern technology you should be running half-duplex on is wireless, because that's just the way it works.

1. The router depends on your company size and what you want to use it for.

3. 1 MB link may be alright, but again, it depends on how many active phone calls, what your data usage is, and what codec you're running.

4. Phones are auto-negotiating, and they will use either.

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Re: choppy voip connection

Thanks for reply. Further to the problem , I want to ask one more question.

1. Can I use Linksys Cisco wireless router within company as it fullfil my needs but it does not have the option of half duplex or full duplex.


Re: choppy voip connection

The linksys should be auto-negotiated for the outside link.

This router will prevent you from doing QoS and a number of other things. You can try one and see if it works, but if it does not then there isn't much you can change to make it work for you. They aren't very configurable. Technically - you could get one of the Linksys that you can run a different firmware on that have different features. Even then, you may have a hard time getting something like QoS set up on them.


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