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Cisco 1941 router For Video Support


In one of my customer loacation we installed one 1941 router.

Below is my requirement that i configured.

My customer have polycom video conferencing devices installed behind the Cisco 1941 router. Cisco 1941 router is configured for basic PAT for getting internet for all internal devices and static NAT for (one of my public IP to internal polycom device IP) polycom device.

Static NAT is used  to dial the polycom device from outside.

Below is the N/W connectivity:

Polycom Setup----------                                                        ISP line

                                    | Switch------> 1941 router<------------------------- 

Internal devices---------

For internal devices PAT configured and for polycom device Static NAT is configured.

Here, i am getting internet to all internal devices.

while dialing from polycom device to another location polycom device for doing conference, i am able connecting both sites but video and audio is not receiving( status in polycom is howing connected and also i seen in NAT table in router.)

The same setup i used with Cisco 1841 router, it is working fine. I am able to seen video and hering audio.

And again in troubleshooting process i used the same setup  with  one WRT router (Cisco linksys) inplace of cisco 1941 router, i am able to hear audio and seen video.

I am facing the problem with only Cisco 1941 router.

Will you please confirm me, whether Cisco 1941 router will support H.323 protocol that is used by Polycom setup.

Thanks and Regards,


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Cisco 1941 router For Video Support

You have some difference  in config that prevents the 1941 to work.

Anway, the best way to connect multiple sites, would be configure a prover VPN.

Cisco 1941 router For Video Support

hi Janardhan,

Could be caused due to this  CSCta37063 . Check the fixes given in the bug details.

Hope this helps!



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Re: Cisco 1941 router For Video Support


I'm hitting a similar issue - we can connect to the video device (the mediacontrol channel ip) is being natted but the mediachannel Ip for some reason is not, in the same packet.

Did you find a resolution?

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After some pushing, turns out

After some pushing, turns out the Polycom at this one site was running an ancient version of firmware. Once it had been upgraded, the config worked fine.

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