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Cisco 2811 IOS VOICE question

I recently inherited a Cisco 2811 Router.  I want to play with some Voice services as a test lab.  I currently have a production CUCM 8.6 environment I would like to connect it to.  It has IOS C2800NM-ENTSERVICESK9-M 12.4(17).  If I program it to register with my CCM, it always gets stuck at ""registering with CCM".  Oddly enough, I can assign it SCCP based phones, but anytime I try to play with SIP phones, the phones never register.  I am thinking its related to the "Registering with CCM" and "Current active call manager : none"   when I do a show-ccm.  Do I have the wrong IOS for voice?  I am more familiar with the X9XX series routers where you can do a sh-license and it tells you it has the UC license.  If that is the case, what is the minimum license level to support voice on the 2811 router to connect it to my CUCM8.6 using MGCP?


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I forgot to mention that the

I forgot to mention that the router also has a PVDM and an FXO card.

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Hi David,IOS on 2800 series

Hi David,

IOS on 2800 series routers is implemented differently , hence we do not have any licenses. Voice should work as long as we have the right IOS image. Having said that , If voice components were not enabled , we would not have been put in any commands , for MGCP etc.

Coming to the IOS version , while the image is indeed quite old , i don't think it should affect the registration . As a good practice , it is recommended to have the IOS versions and CUCM versions 'compatible', which is tabulated in the link below :

Moving on to the registration , here are some quick pointers:

1. make sure that the config on GW is as per the link below :

2. The GW name should match that on CUCM. Match the name in the first line of "show ccm-manager" to the name that has been added to CUCM.

3. Also , ensure the modules added on CUCM are correct.








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Harsh, Thanks for all the



Thanks for all the info.  I didn't know about the matrix page.  I checked the flash and found 15.1(4)M7 AdvENT IOS.  I switched to that and IT fully registers with the CUCM now.


The odd thing I am still expierencing is that if I choose the protocol of SCCP,  all phone registrations work perfectly.  If I choose SIP which is what I am going to have to since the phones I've been getting are EOL'd, it fails.  Whats odd is that If I plug a SIP based phone into the same Switch that my CUCM and call processor are in, the SIP phones register up right away.  If I take a SIP phone to one of my locations that does not have a Cisco router acting as a gateway and tell the phone its part of my Corporate Pool, it registers up Right away.  Its only while trying to put it behind my test station is when SIP starts acting funny.  I haven't messed with SIP too much, but I do know it runs on port 5060 for non secure.  I am stumped here. 


edit--  I also have this nice message when I do a show-ccm  :TFTP Download Failed         : 17.  There is no firewall between the Cisco 2811 and the CUCM. 


Hi David,Can you post a show

Hi David,

Can you post a show run from your 2811?, if your image is ENTSERVICES so it support voice, additional you have to check the option 150 or 66 under DHCP Server Pool, it have to point the CME and not to CUCM, I recommend you to create a new VLAN.



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