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cisco 5400 isdn error disc code=0x29, disc text=Temporary failure!!!


I am having a small problem with our Cisco 5400 device, I have 5 T1 lines from Verizon all in a nfan group for some reason i am getting the following error:

disc subsys=ISDN, disc code=0x29, disc text=Temporary failure

on the call log, i have look it up on the site and get the following:

29 1D Facility rejected Facility identification (Note 1)

The facility requested by the user cannot be provided by the network.

also my telco says the following:

I see 2 dicrepencies on cust ss7 msg:(1) octet 18 Calling party's category parameter should be (10) ordinary calling subsriber(2) octet 37 ISUP Calling party number parameter Numbering Plan should be (1) ISDN (Telephony) numbering plan (ITU-T Rec. E.164, E.163).

I know his talking about the isdn map address but i think i got it right.


here is my config:

trunk group 60


hunt-scheme sequential both up

interface Serial6/3:23


no ip address

encapsulation hdlc

trunk-group 60

isdn switch-type primary-dms100

isdn incoming-voice modem

isdn map address . plan unknown type unknown

isdn T310 40000

isdn sending-complete

isdn ie oli 37

no cdp enable

wtild1#sh isdn nfas group 1


The primary D is Serial6/3:23.

The backup D is Serial7/4:23.

The NFAS member is Serial6/4:23.

The NFAS member is Serial6/5:23.

The NFAS member is Serial7/5:23.

There are 5 total nfas members.

There are 118 total available B channels.

The primary D-channel is DSL 3 in state IN SERVICE

The backup D-channel is DSL 12 in state STANDBY

The current active layer 2 DSL is 3.


and the full log error:

436xxx: Apr 28 21:15:27.901: %CALLTRKR-6-CALL_RECORD: ct_hndl=295xxx, service=None, origin=Originate, category=Modem, DS0 slot/port/ds1/chan=6/3/3/23, called=34xxxxx, calling=702xxxxx, resource slot/port=(n/a)/(n/a), userid=(n/a), ip=, account id=(n/a), setup=04/28/2009 14:14:14, conn=0.00, phys=0.00, service=0.00, authen=0.00, init-rx/tx b-rate=0/0, rx/tx chars=0/0, time=0.09, disc subsys=ISDN, disc code=0x29, disc text=Temporary failure------> there is that error again.....I have many many of these......:(

any idea guys Please?

thank in advance.



Re: cisco 5400 isdn error disc code=0x29, disc text=Temporary fa

This is because the call was disconnected due to a network failure. This code appears for some long distance providers if the hunt sequence is incorrect. PRI lines must be set up for a flex hunt sequence (not a float hunt sequence).

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