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Cisco CTMS - "speaker switching behaviour"

Hi All,

Could someone confirm how the CTMS handles the speaker switching mode in the below particular scenario.

Let's say we have 4 CTS3000 rooms that I will name with each of its segment below:

Sunnyvale: SUN1, SUN2, SUN3

SanJose: SJ1, SJ2, SJ3

Tokyo: TK1, TK2, TK3

London: LON1, LON2, LON3

What would be displayed in Sunnyvale if the 3 active or most dominant segment would be SJ2, TK2 and LON2. I mean on which screen the sites would be displayed?

What is the rule? and is this consistent?

Sunnyvale screen1 == ?

Sunnyvale screen2 == ?

Sunnyvale sreen3 == ?

I understand all the other scenarios but with this particular one I am lost as it is not explained in the Cisco documentation.



Re: Cisco CTMS - "speaker switching behaviour"

The CTMS can transmit up to four video streams, corresponding to the left, center, and right plasma displays of the CTS-3000, as well as either a projector or monitor for slide show presentations connected to the auxiliary video output. The CTMS can only transmit up to three audio streams, corresponding to the left, center, and right speaker positions of the CTS-3000. Audio sent by an originating CTS-3000 toward the auxiliary position is redirected to one of the three speaker positions of the destination CTS-3000 by the CTMS. The CTMS chooses the three loudest audio streams to send to the remote CTS-3000 when there are more than three streams with audio energy.

The number of audio streams sent in a multipoint call is different than in a point-to-point call in which four audio streams can be sent and received by each CTS-3000.


Re: Cisco CTMS - "speaker switching behaviour"


The new active speaker's table segment displays in all other room in its proper position, so for this particular case,

The first CTS-3000 will be placed in the center segment, the second will place in the left segment and the third will be placed on the right

So in this case lets say the first active speaker is SJ2, then TK2, and at the end LON2

Sunnyvale screen1 == TK2

Sunnyvale screen2 == SJ2

Sunnyvale sreen3 == LON2



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Re: Cisco CTMS - "speaker switching behaviour"

Hi Gonzalo,

Since the system is supposed to display the segment in its proper position (as you rightfully say so) I would have thought that in Sunnyvale, you can NOT see at the same time the center segment (segment 2) of the 3 other rooms as they are/would pop up in Voice Switching on the centre screen (screen2)

Sunnyvale screen1 == Voice Switching between Tokyo1, SJ1, London1

Sunnyvale screen2 == Voice Switching between Tokyo2, SJ2, London2

Sunnyvale sreen3 == Voice Switching between Tokyo3, SJ3, London3

Did I miss something?


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