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Cisco Unified Video Conferencing Manager and MCU 3515

Hello professionals,

I need help in understanding things in Video Over IP. I am in charge of a site that has a Video Conferencing Manager, MCU and PSTN gateways for IP Telephony. If my understanding is correct, the video conferencing manager acts as the Gatekeeper to which the end video terminals register to. The MCU acts as a device to enable multiple conferences instead of the traditional point to point conferences between the video terminals. I also have PSTN T1 Voice links connected to 2821 routers. Right now, the video conferencing between sites are through WAN (MPLS links with QOS). Can I assign a vallid DID number to the video terminals so that they can do video over ISDN? If it is possible, what are the requirments for it.

Sorry if the questions are too novice. I am one when it comes to Video Conferencing.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Cisco Unified Video Conferencing Manager and MCU 3515

what do you need to achieve? non IP terminals to be able to communicate using video with your IP video devices or what is the problem you are trying to solve?

The 3515 MCU is an IP only MCU and it can only bridge IP video devices, the larger 3545 ( I think it is called ) can also handle ISDN terminals to join video conferences.

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