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CMC search capability

Has anyone been able to figure out how to search the CMC information from within the call on the Phone?

We'd like to be able to lookup the client matter code by name, rather than by number. Seems like a waste to have this information in the Cisco CallManager database, without the ability to search on the client phone.

Any help would be appreciated...


Re: CMC search capability

Clinet matter code cannot be visible thorugh the ip phone. To use the Client Matter Codes feature, users must enter a client matter code to reach certain dialed numbers. You enable or disable CMC through route patterns, and you can configure multiple client matter codes. When a user dials a number that is routed through a CMC-enabled route pattern, a tone prompts the user for the client matter code. When the user enters a valid CMC, the call occurs; if the user enters an invalid code, reorder occurs. The CMC writes to the CDR, so you can collect the information by using CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR), which generates reports for client accounting and billing.

Community Member

Re: CMC search capability

We are using client matter codes as you have explained, but we are looking for more functionality.

Specifically, we'd like to be able to search for them by name.

Cisco Employee

Re: CMC search capability

unfortunately the CMC reports on CAR do not have that capability, you can look based on the code and since that code should only be in hands of a group of people you should have a list to associate the CMC to certain group of people

guess it was easier for the developers to only save the CMC code in the CAR DB



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