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CME 3.3 on 2811 with Polycom VSX 7000

All -

I have a polycom VSX7000 without the integrated MCU.

I also have a 2811 running CME 3.3 with about 20 IP phones attached.

I'd like to come up with a solution so that my IP phone users could participate in a video conference as audio-only users.

Is there any chance that transcoding on the 2811 using spare PVDM2 resources could do this?

I've already gotten an IP phone to call the VSX7K using an H.323 dialpeer, but as soon as the call is answered - it disconnects - presumably due to a codec mis-match.

The IPVC products seem to be overkill for my needs (and budget).



Re: CME 3.3 on 2811 with Polycom VSX 7000

Do you have a MCU or bridge in the picture? What other video endpoints are involved? Any gatekeepers?

You should not need transcoding as G711 will work for both endpoints. Check the dial peer to be sure it is set for G711. The default is G729 for VOIP peers so add codec g711ulaw.

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Re: CME 3.3 on 2811 with Polycom VSX 7000

I do not have an MCU or bridge in the network. The other video endpoints that may be involved are IP devices external to the network.

Our original design intent is that we are a single endpoint and would not have bandwidth available to support multiple external connections. The places to where we would connect on a video conference are larger, fixed sites more able to provide bridging services.

Then came the idea of supporting audio-only access of our local IP phones to the conference.

I'll definitely try the codec command on the H.323 dial peer.

I think I mentioned that the call would signal each end, but would fail to connect once the user tried to answer.


Re: CME 3.3 on 2811 with Polycom VSX 7000


We are placing calls between IP phones and VSX7000s, but have Call Manager and Polycom MCU with the SE200 ReadiManager gatekeeper. There is a Call Manager trunk to the Polycom gatekeeper, and all the video endpoints also register with the gatekeeper.

Let me know what happens.


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