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CME 7.1 Caller-ID issues

Ladies and Gentlement,

I am having an issues that has stumped me for quite awhile.

I have a Cisco router 2921 router running 7.1 I am doing SIP trunking out to

I have only 1 DID (also a 1-800). This calls goes into our AA and then you can dial the local exentions from there.

I have SNR setup on all the extension/Phones.        

So here is the problem.

When you call the IVR and dial the extension the caller-id is correct on my desktop phone. WHen the SNR kicks in and calls my cell phone it's the number of the office and not the orginal caller.

I know this is due to my translation profile. However if i do not have a translation profile then i get local extensions for caller-id on external calls.

How can i setup a tranlation profile that allows all calls to be convereted to the main number EXCEPT calls that have been forwarded?

Or is there a better way to set this up?           

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