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Codian MCU with IOS Firewall/NAT


We have a router configured with the IOS firewall/IOS IPS and one-on-one NAT. Everything works OK, but one function...

When you start an H.323 session to the Codian MCU from the internet, a menu is presented that shows different conferences to join, you can type in via digits a conference number and it works fine, but if you try to take control of the camera at the main site and select an option, it does not work. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this or have an idea of a fix?

Tandbergs on the inside are able to connect to the Codian with it's internal IP address OK.



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Re: Codian MCU with IOS Firewall/NAT


If I understand you correctly, the problem you are describing is no FECC (far-end camera control) by sites connecting from outside your network?

Out of curiosity, if you have three of your local Tandbergs in a call with the Codian, does FECC work?

FECC through an MCU is not supported in H.323. However, various manufacturers have found ways around this when using a homogeneous solution (e.g. all Tandberg or all Polycom).

I'm going to suggest that what you are encountering is normal MCU/end-point behavior in a multi-point scenario. I don't thing the firewall traversal is a contributing factor.

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Re: Codian MCU with IOS Firewall/NAT

Hi there!

Thank you very much for the reply! When connecting to the MCU, you get a screen that has a menu listing of the conferences. According to others, you are supposed to use FECC to be able to select a conference using the up/down arrows. According to users on the LAN, when users on the inside with their Tanberg open a connection to the MCU this works OK. We are working on putting it outside the router to see if that narrows it down.

Does the above change your thought? The fact that you are opening an H.323 connection to the Codian first to "select" a conference?



Re: Codian MCU with IOS Firewall/NAT

I've seen i'ts an old post but I still have some comments.

the Codian MCU needs some commands to have the external system start or connect to a conference.

It misuses the "far end camera" option of the remote to do this.

With FECC enabled the VC system acceps commands from the remote control unit and passes them on to the far site wich here is the MCU. The MCU can accept this commands to connect to a conference.

But ofcourse the MCU itself has no camera to control!

So you cannot control a camera at "the main site".

What you describe to want, seems to be

     when in a conference the MCU would resend the FECC commands to another participant in a multiconference

     instead of itself responding to FECC commands?

That won't work.



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Re: Codian MCU with IOS Firewall/NAT

thanks for the insight

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