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Configuring a Cisco router as a PSTN switch

I'd like to put together a small PSTN switch for lab purposes and am wondering if anyone has any experience or pointers. In my lab, I have three ISRs that I would like phones in each "branch" to be able to call any other branch T1 or E1 PRI. I don't have any experience configuring the service provider side, so I'd like to know if there is any documentation on this?



Re: Configuring a Cisco router as a PSTN switch

I can understand that you need to configure VOIP on your switch. Before you can configure your Catalyst switch to use VoIP you need to perform the following tasks like:

1)Installing VIC (Voice Interface card) in your switch.

2)Have Dial plan for your setup

3)Establish a working telephony network based on your dial plan.

4)Integrate your dial plan and telephony network into your existing IP network topology.

After you have analyzed your dial plan and decided how to integrate it into your existing IP network, you are ready to configure your network devices to support VoIP.

The following URL explains about establishing the VOIP in your switch:

Hope this helps.

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Re: Configuring a Cisco router as a PSTN switch

Thank you, Smalkeric. I forgot to mention that this is for my CCIE voice lab, so these things you mentioned are understood. You wouldn't happen to know how to set up a PSTN switch?


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