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Continuous presence on 3511 with 4.2.10 code

Hello folks, I am having a problem understanding how to create a service on a IP/VC 3511 running 4.2.10 It does not have an EMP so should be able to cope with one conference constantly displaying 4 sites. Now when you create a service you can set the input speed of the streams (I take it this is say 448 kbps for video and 64kbps for audio if we set this) for each device which connects to the conference at 512 kbps. You can also edit the view which to me is the output from the MCU to the devices and if you set the speed to say 4 x 64 this would give 256kbps video + 256kbsp audio which would require each end to connect at 512kbps to see this 4 way CP conference? If this is totally correct I may have just answered my own question which is why can I only get video in one direction? I have been using either one or two isdn connected devices and one ip connected device. I will test with a 512kbps connection via isdn to the MCU with a service view of 4 x 64 and one ip device at 512 kbps as I know it cannot do rate adaption due to no EMP.

Would a 512kbps call be the lowest bandwidth required for a CP conference showing 4 quarters?

Thanks for any advice Roger.


Re: Continuous presence on 3511 with 4.2.10 code

Audio Only-Forces the conference to be audio-only.

Desktop Video-Supports transcoding at bandwidth rates of up to 384 Kbps.

HD/SD Continuous Presence-Supports transcoding at bandwidth rates of up to 4096 Kbps. Supports high definition continuous presence. Supports image size of up to 720p. Default when adding a new service.

HD Switched Video-Supports switched high definition video at rates of up to 4096 Kbps.

For the configuration for the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3515 MCU following URL may help you :

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Re: Continuous presence on 3511 with 4.2.10 code


My problem was with a 3511 which does not have an EMP and to understand the speeds of a 4 way continuous presence call. It they come in at say 192kbps then the resulting stream back to the endpoints is 4x128 + audio (64k) making it 128k send 566k return.

If I had a 3515 then it does rate matching and transcoding and the call would be 192k each way.

Thanks for your input.

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